Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pita Bread

When I first arrived in Switzerland, I looked around for some decent pita bread. I really didn't find much. I've found these things in the supermarket that are in air-tight plastic and last a decade or so (just kidding, they only last about three months). They're not bad, but they're not like the fresh pita I used to find in the supermarkets in Seattle.

Our landlord was having a birthday party, and we were invited. I thought it would be fun to put together a couple of snacks to bring along with us. PIco di Gallo and tortilla chips was an easy thing to do. I thought that it would also be a good idea to make some Hummus. I used the recipe out of Madelain Farah's "Lebanese Cuisine" cook book. While looking up that recipe, I saw a recipe for pita bread. It's a great recipe, and the results were some very good bread. Be aware though, the recipe makes five or six pretty big pitas. I served the bread to the Swiss (all Swiss but myself) party guests. The Swiss are pretty picky about bread, but they seemed to really enjoy it, and there weren't any leftovers of the bread.

As for Hummus, I have yet to find any that is any good. It's not hard to make if you've got a blender, so homemade is best.

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Paula said...

Greg! Greg! You want pitas?! We were in Switzerland in December and loved the local breads. I'd willingly give up pitas to enjoy a loaf of authentic Zopf or some crusty Zuerich bread here in the states...How about posting some Swiss bread recipes for us homesick types in the US? Or are you willing to trade places with my family and me? ;-)

Paula from Philadelphia

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