Thursday, October 18, 2007

Risotto with Saltimbocca....

Canadian Swiss commented on the previous post about doing Risotto by de-glazing the pan that the saltimbocca gets cooked it. I tried it out, more or less, by dumping some previously cooked risotto into the pan I cooked my saltimbocca in after de-glazing the pan with some chasselas that I use as cooking wine.

The results were great. Though I still need to try it out with Marsala wine as she suggests. I think it's probably enough just to dump the risotto in after it cooks (I do things the easy way and use the pressure cooker, which is even easier than the cookbooks suggest) and keep it warm for a bit while mixing it around. This was also a very handy use of the big cooking pan that goes on my European Outoor Chef BBQ.
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