Monday, January 29, 2007


Yum! Pizza is much easier to make than I thought it would be. The pizza above is my first attempt at making pizza. I did have a little help in the way of Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie's Italy' cookbook. He's got a great recipe for pizza dough in there, though I did end up with about three times too much dough as I needed. Hopefully, the last two balls of dough will survive in the freezer for awhile.

The most important thing seems to be to get the crust really, really thin. It took awhile to get it perfect, but once I stretched it out enough it was great, and a bit crunchy. The other really important thing is to place the pizza at the bottom of the oven, so it gets cooked evenly. I think having it right over the element really helps out quite a bit. I haven't yet bought a slab of granite like Jamie Oliver and Ed (who's got a blog that I link to off of this one, and he has a pizza dough recipe as well) swear one should have.

Here are a couple more pizzas, with the last one having the best crust:


CanadianSwiss said...

That's a lovely pizza!

BTW, there's no problem to keep pizza dough in the freezer. Just make sure the bag is well sealed and it will keep for about 3 months.

Greg said...

Thanks for the complement! It was pretty good pizza. I froze a bit of the dough and we used some of it last night for dinner. It keeps really well. However, we've got a 'swiss' freezer in our fridge. It reminds me of the fridge my parents had in the 1960s.

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